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Курсы норвежского Телецентр

Russian Language for foreigners

Russian Language for foreigners

Изучение русского языка как иностранного

The educational center “Intelligent” invites you to study Russian as a second language.


Our Russian language courses meet the highest standards of quality education. Lessons are conducted by highqualified teachers of Russian with vast experience of teaching Russian as a second language.


You can start learning Russian from the very beginning, improve your knowledge, pronunciation, practice spoken Russian, study specific grammar structures of Russian, learn Russian business terminology.


Our teachers guarantee excellent results in learning.


Lessons are held individually on and off school premises.


Lesson schedules are flexible for your convenience.


We suggest you all possible variants for quick, intensive and effective learning.


Programmes of studying are individually managed to benefit our students as much as possible.



 Russian  Language for foreigners

One lesson (45 min)

Individual lesson (Russian for foreigners)

 1500 rub


Duration of one class – not less than 2 lessons.

Изучение русского языка как иностранного.




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